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Why a quilt?
A quilt has a few distinct differences than a standard sleeping bag.
First is design. There is no bag to this and there is no back to lay in or on. With a standard rectangular or mummy style bag,
when you lay in it, your weight will compress the down and deter the insulation properties, since down needs air pockets to work.
Since that happens, you virtually can do away with that and save weight, volume and cost.
A quilt solves this problem and is open on the bottom. You normally have a "foot box" on a quilt that is sewn, snapped, zippered or hooked together that creates a space to slide your feet in, and then can snuggle under the "quilt" and have it insulate and warm you
like a blanket. If it is colder, you simply tuck each side under your shoulders and side. If it is warmer, you can shift it off of you and even let a leg out or two! In hot sleeps, you can also unzip or remove your legs to let some heat out.
Also, there is no "hood" as what you would see on a mummy type bag. Since you may not need a hood at all times, no having one will save weight and volume. Please keep this in mind, knowing that you will need insulation on your head at some colder times, so you may need to use a hood. We offer these separate in our shop.

We have designed our quilts to be the most efficient and cost effective.
We offer different lines... 

Advantage for the cost conscience minded user.  Without sacrificing quality, we engineered the Advantage line
to have the same great Karo Step Baffle design, but use lower fill power down in 650FP to save you your hard earned money.
We also use durable 1.1 oz Ripstop Nylon on the outer and inner shell. This is just a bit heavier, which in turn offers higher durability.
The Advantage line is great if you are not a gram counter and are more concerned about durability instead of weight.
Perfect for the weekend warrior, the car camper family, the overnighters or section hikers. Also great entry level quilt.
If you are a thru hiker or very concerned about weight, please check out our Xtreme line or our Elite line.

Xtreme for the gram counter.  Keeping the lowest weight possible by using the lowest weight fabric available on the market.
We engineered the Xtreme line to have the same great Karo Step Baffle design, and we use high fill power down in 850FP to keep the weight down.  We also use the Membrane 10 denier nylon tafetta at 0.66 oz for the inner and outer shell. This is incredibility soft and also is breathable and calendered with DWR. 5 star IDFL downproof rating.
Perfect for the thru hiker, the section hiker, the gram counter, the minimalist and anyone looking for a super lightweight and highly compressible quilt to keep them warm while backpacking, hiking or camping.
If you want light but want just a bit more durability, please check out our Elite line.

Elite for the elite. Let's kick it up a notch!  The Elite is nearly identical to the Xtreme except the outer shell is Robic 7D.  For just a slight weight increase from the Membrane 10D, (just a few grams for a finished quilt) The Robic 7D weighs in a 0.74 oz. The Robic 7D uses a specially formulated, microporous polyurethane costing to achieve a much higher water resistance while maintaining good 
breathability. It is also calendered and downproof. The inner shell is still Membrane 10D to allow moisture to escape.        Perfect for the gram counter minimalist that is needing a bit more weather resistance under a small tarp or inside a bivy. 

About the quilt sizes:
Which should I pick?
The Regular width is 50" wide.  This would be for the hammock users as a top quilt.
Since you are snuggled in the hammock, you do not need the quilt to drape over your shoulders and tuck under.
The hammock will help with that and in colder weather, you would probably need an under quilt to take care of insulating your bottom. Minimalists may go with a Regular 50'' wide to save on weight, also if you are a thinner/smaller body shape.
The Xwide width is 55" wide. This would be for the ground sleeper in a bivy, tent or under a tarp.
Since you are laying flat, you need the quilt to tuck under your shoulders and/or your sleeping pad. A larger body shape may need the Xwide to fit well.

For length, we offer 5'6'', 6'0'' and 6'6''.
You would want to size up here with your height. (Or size down if you are an extreme minimalist!!)

Weights on the quilts