We chose to partner with the largest supplier of ethically and responsibly sourced down, Allied Feather & Down Corp.

All down is not created equal, as Allied has introduced many new standards into the down industry.

TRACKMYDOWN™ brings all the complexities of down to the consumer through this unique interactive tool. 
Premium traceable down is much more than just about where it came from, and now you can learn about the exact down inside your quilt or jacket and what makes premium down, premium. 
Where it came from is critical to begin with, but with trackmydown, you will also experience the exact verified fill power, 
content analysis and ultimate cleanliness - all critical elements that differentiate a generic down from a true performance insulation 
required by the finest technical gear.

We at Good Prophets would like to provide a reassurance with you about the down we use.
We are making a commitment to use RDS certified down and we are working on becoming RDS certified ourselves.

To learn more about the down, down clusters, duck or goose, fill power, the cleaning process and more info than 
you thought was possible, Allied Feather & Down is the leader. Please use the links below to find great info.